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Domestic Intelligence

Personal Matters, Professional Solutions

Essential Investigative Services

FinePoint Intelligence understands the gravity and sensitivity of personal concerns. Our range of domestic services are tailored to address varied needs with discretion, compassion, and utmost professionalism. We’re committed to providing the support and insights required for our clients to make informed decisions and protect their interests.

Missing Person


Families often face the distressing challenge of losing contact with a loved one or not knowing their whereabouts. This can lead to uncertainty, emotional pain, and disrupted relationships.

Our Solution

We dedicate our resources to tirelessly trace and locate missing individuals. Utilizing a blend of traditional and modern techniques, we work to get answer's families deserve.



Suspicions of infidelity can strain relationships and emotional well-being. Handling these delicate suspicions with discretion and clarity is essential.

Our Solution

FinePoint Intelligence's expert team delves into sensitive matters, providing clarity and evidence in situations of potential infidelity. We approach these cases with empathy and professionalism.

Child Custody


Child custody disputes can have a significant impact on a child's well-being, and ensuring decisions are made in the child's best interest is crucial.

Our Solution

We prioritize the welfare of the child. We gather evidence and insights to ensure decisions made regarding child custody are in the child's best interest, providing valuable support for legal proceedings.

Asset Searches


Locating and verifying hidden or undisclosed assets, such as properties or financial holdings, is essential for various personal matters like divorce settlements or debt collection.

Our Solution

We specialize in asset searches, unearthing assets ranging from properties to financial holdings. This service is crucial for individuals seeking clarity and fairness in financial matters.