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Surveillance Intelligence

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Essential Surveillance Services

Our surveillance services meld cutting-edge technology with ethical, confidential practices, ensuring results that truly matter. Whether navigating workplace challenges, legal intricacies, or personal dilemmas, our surveillance expertise stands as a beacon of reliability and trust.

Personal Matters


Individuals facing personal matters, such as suspicions of infidelity, child custody disputes, or personal safety concerns, often require clarity and evidence to make informed decisions. However, conducting surveillance in these sensitive situations must be discreet and respectful of privacy.

Our Solution

We offer discreet surveillance solutions for personal matters. We understand the need for sensitivity and privacy in these situations. Our surveillance services are conducted with the utmost discretion, respecting privacy while delivering the clarity and evidence needed for individuals to take decisive action in their personal lives. Whether it's addressing suspicions or ensuring the safety of loved ones, our discreet solutions provide peace of mind and empower individuals to make informed choices.



In the insurance industry, the verification of claims is essential to maintain fairness and prevent fraudulent payouts. However, determining the genuineness of reported incidents or injuries can be a complex and resource-intensive process.

Our Solution

We offer solutions for insurance surveillance. Our experienced team scrutinizes and determines the genuineness of reported incidents or injuries, preventing unjust settlements and ensuring fair dealings for all involved parties. With our expertise, insurance companies can confidently verify claims, reduce fraudulent payouts, and maintain the integrity of their operations.

FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)


Employers face the challenge of ensuring the legitimate use of FMLA leave by their employees. Verifying that leaves taken are genuinely for reasons like family emergencies or medical conditions can be complex and time-consuming. Unauthorized use or abuse of FMLA leave can disrupt business operations and lead to compliance issues.

Our Solution

We offer comprehensive FMLA surveillance services to safeguard the integrity of FMLA leave. We conduct exhaustive surveillance to verify that leaves taken by employees are genuinely for legitimate reasons, such as family emergencies or medical conditions. Our surveillance efforts ensure employers' compliance with FMLA regulations while preventing potential abuse of the system. This service helps businesses maintain operational continuity and legal compliance in FMLA matters.

Workers Compensation


Employers and insurance providers often face the challenge of verifying the legitimacy of workers' compensation claims. Determining whether the reported injuries are accurate or if there is an exaggeration or falsehood involved can be difficult. The presence of fraudulent workers' compensation claims can result in financial losses and increased insurance premiums.

Our Solution

We offer comprehensive Workers Compensation Surveillance services to address this challenge. Through advanced surveillance techniques, we monitor and evaluate the legitimacy of workers' compensation claims. Our efforts pinpoint exaggerations or falsehoods, ensuring that both employers and insurance providers are safeguarded against fraudulent activities. This service helps prevent financial losses and supports fair dealings in workers' compensation cases.